Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management, Content Management System, or CMS refers to a system that is used to modify information to and from a website’s database. In relation to the Internet, a CMS is a system that is used to maintain the content of a website through a centralized back-end administrative control panel.A comprehensive CMS allows site owners to manage all of the content on every webpage, including text, images, links, forms, lists, and more.

Evolution Point has been building CMS systems since inception. Today, the advantages of using a CMS to implement our client’s website far outweighs the incremental cost associated with its development. As a result, we have been encouraging all our clients to use a CMS system as part of the project development.

Even though we will use any CMS of our clients’ choice, our preferred CMS software is DotNetNuke. There are several reasons for using this platform, the most important being that it is an open-source platform with strong solid support by many well-establiashed companies.

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