Inbound Marketing Conversion

The greatest challenge for any marketeer is to prove that marketing dollars can drive sales and revenue. Previously, the relationship between marketing and sales / revenue has been nebulous at best, and proving that marketing is essential to the revenue growth of any company is difficult for B2B companies. What would you say that we can do exactly that – Prove that your marketing efforts and dollars spent with us is able to emphirically relate to sales and revenues?

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Let’s look at what marketing is trying to achieve today. First you spend a lot of effort trying to define who you are – your unique selling proposition, your value proposition, your competitive differentiation, your company values. You try to put all those ideals, visions and goals into simple, succinct brand messages so that you can easily express who you are.

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Logos, Corporate Identity, Product Identity
Branding, Messaging, Design

Next, you spend effort and time trying to express your branding and products / services in avenues so that your audience can look you up. The hope is that they will contact you when they are interested.

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Print collateral
Interactive websites
Web mobilization, Mobile communication

Later, you quickly realize that just because your materials and website is available, it makes little impact when no one is looking at it. So you spend much effort into trying to get your audience to find you, and encourage them to engage with you in some way.

Look at Us! Engage Us!

Custom Programming (e.g. configurators)
Search Marketing / SEO
Social Media / PR

You finally get people coming to your website, looking at your products and services. But you don’t know who they are. Less than 3% of your website visitors send you their information. As a result, you can’t follow up with them. Your engagement with them is passive, you are waiting for something to happen.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can identify who these anonymous people are and actively follow up with them?

That’s what inbound marketing conversion strives to do:

  • Inbound Marketing – incoming traffic to your website from efforts like search marketing, advertising, referrals, social media, inbound linking.
  • Conversion – converting anonymous demographics into real leads with names, titles, email addresses and other contact information.

convert marketing to sales and revenues using inbound marketing conversion

How do we do this?

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In Conclusion

Inbound Marketing Conversion means:

  Actively convert anonymous visitors into validated, realized leads using lead scoring.

  Engage with potential customers early in their buying cycle

  Provide better, timely automated follow-up using marketing automation.

  Directly link your marketing investment to sales / revenues.

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